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AC Adapter – 2 Amp 12 V

2 amp 12 V AC Adapter за малките компютризирани монтировки на Celestron

Цена: 19$

AC Adapter – 4.16 Amp 12 V

4.16 amp AC Adapter за големите компютризирани монтировки на Celestron:

  • CGEM Series
  • CGEM Deluxe Series
  • CGE Pro Series
  • CPC Deluxe HD Series*
  • CGEM II Series
  • CGX Series
Цена: 35$

8-inch Dovetail bar (CGE)

8-inch Dovetail bar (CGE)
Цена: 74$
Няма наличност
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Baader Steel Leveling Flange for GM 1000

  • Baader levelling flanges are used to adjust the unevenness of the foundation or the concrete pillar as well as other deviations of the substructure from the perfect north-south alignment. They adjust these imperfections as close as possible to the mount, very precisely and steady, without reducing the stability of the pillar
  • Suitable as a pillar adapter flange to the Baader conical steel pillar #2451220
  • Consisting of two solid Steel, separated by six steel bars
  • Top plate precision milled flat and threaded to fit the base plate.
  • Overall height: 106 mm

ЦЕНА: 402 евро

Цена: 447$

Collimation tool

Collimation tool
Цена: 12$

Comma Corrector MPCC 2"

Comma Corrector MPCC 2"

Цена 145 евро

Цена: 161$

Counterweight 3 kgs

Противотежест 3 kg (за KONUSMOTOR-130)

Ф 15 mm.


Цена: 20$

Counterweight 3.5 kgs for HEQ5 PRO white color

Counterweight 3.5 kgs for HEQ5 PRO white color

Ф 18, 24 mm.

Цена 22 евро

Цена: 24$

Counterweight for EQ-3 or EQ-5 (1,8kg)

Противотежест 1.8 kgs за EQ3, EQ5

Цена 29 евро

Цена: 32$
Няма наличност
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Green Laser Pointer USB rechargeable

Зелена показалка Green Laser Pointer (<1000mW) USB rechargeable

ВНИМАНИЕ: лъчът да не се насочва към очите, опасност от ослепяване

Цена 20 евро

Цена: 23$
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