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Binocular microscope B-69 LED 40-1000x

Binocular microscope B-69 LED 40-1000x,

Observation mode: Brightfield.
Head: Binocular, 30° inclined; 360° rotating.
Dioptric adjustment: Left eyepiece.
Eyepiece: WF10x/18 mm, secured by screw
Nosepiece: Quadruple ball bearings revolving nosepiece, reversed.
– Achromatic 4x/0.10, with anti-fungus treatment
– Achromatic 10x/0.25, with anti-fungus treatment
– Achromatic 40x/0.65, with anti-fungus treatment
– Achromatic 100x/1.25 (oil), with anti-fungus treatment
Specimen stage: StagErase™ eraseable mechanical stage, 125×125 mm, 62×24 mm X-Y movement range. Vernier scale on the two axes, accuracy: 0.1 mm.
Focusing: Coaxial coarse and fine focusing mechanism with limit stop to prevent the contact between objective and specimen.
Condenser: Abbe N.A. 1.25, pre-centered, focusable, with iris diaphragm.
Illumination: 1 W LED, with brightness control, rechargeable batteries.
Color temperature: 6,300 K. Multi-plug 100-240Vac/5Vdc external power supply.

Price: $445

Binocular stereomicroscope AMBER 20х, 32x LED

Binocular stereomicroscope AMBER 20х, 32x LED

The microscope Amber is a simple model by competitive price with incident illumination led to two pairs of eyepieces 10x and 16x objective 2x, 20x and 32x magnification.

Price: $88
Out of stock
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Binocular stereomicroscope DELTA Plus 20х

Binocular stereomicroscope DELTA Plus 20х

Price: $145

Binocular stereomicroscope DIAMOND 20х-40x

Binocular stereomicroscope DIAMOND 20х-40x

Price: $314
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Binocular stereomicroscope OPAL 20х

Binocular stereomicroscope OPAL 20х

Price: $211

Binocular stereomicroscope ST-50Led 20х with overhanging stand

Binocular stereomicroscope ST-50Led 20х

Observation mode: Brightfield.
Heads: Binocular head, 45° inclined.
Interpupillary distance: Adjustable.
Dioptric adjustment: On the left eyepiece.
Eyepieces: WF 10x/20 mm, secured by screw.
Objective: Achromatic 2x with anti-fungus treatment.
Stand: Overhanging stand with focus.
Focusing: Rack and pinion controlled by a pair of knobs placed on both sides of the stand.
Illumination: Incident: 1W LED on flexible arm. Color temperature: 6,300 K. Multi-plug 100-240Vac/6Vdc external power supply.

Price: $428

Biological binocular microscope CAMPUS 1000x

Biological binocular microscope CAMPUS 1000x

Biological microscope with 360° revolving binocular head and inter-pupillary distance regulation, supplied with two 10x WF eyepieces and four achromatic objectives: 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x.
Double focusing regulation, micrometrical and macrometrical, movable stage with micrometric movements.
End-stop to ward off slide crash.
Light intensity regulation. Transmitted light illumination with A.N. 1.2 condenser, with iris diaphragm and filter-holder, halogen bulb, 12V/12W, antidust cover

Price: $535

Biological microscope ACADEMY-2 1000x

Biological monocular microscope 1000x

Monocular microscope with 1000x power - LED illuminator and rechargeable battery

The Konus Academy 1000x Monocular Microscope is a biological microscope with a 360° revolving monocular head, focal lenght of 160mm, and is supplied with a 10x WF eyepiece and four achromatic objectives: 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x. 

Price: $410

Biological microscope COLLEGE 600х

Biological monocular microscope 600x

The Konus College 600X Biological Monocular Microscope is a professionally designed student microscope that includes a 15x wide field eyepiece and three interchangeable achromatic objectives (4x, 10x, 40x). It incorporate a rack and pinion focusing system with micrometrical and macro metrical adjustment, and illumination is provided by a Concave sub-stage mirror and illumination control is provided by a light condenser lens, with iris diaphragm and filter-holder. 

Price: $155

Celestron Labs CM800 Compound Microscope

  • Lab-ready compound microscope with 800x power
  • 10x and 20x eyepieces with 4x, 10x and 40x objective lenses
  • View specimens at 40x, 100x, 250x, 400x, 800x magnification
  • Built-in, adjustable, upper and lower LED illumination
  • 3 AA batteries included for field use
  • 10 prepared slides included
Price: $172
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