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Лунно-планетна камера NexImage 5

Код: 93711

  • 5 Mega pixel color sensor with Micron® DigitalClarity® technology to dramatically reduce image noise levels
  • Software automatically filters out video frames most affected by poor atmospheric conditions, leaving only the sharpest, clearest frames to be stacked and aligned into one high-quality image
  • View and capture live video on your computer
  • Manually adjust gain, contrast, exposure time, frame rate and color saturation using your PC
  • Machined aluminum 1.25" adapter barrel with C-threads for direct threaded connection to almost any telescope 

  • Производител: Celestron
  • Тегло: 0.200 кг
Цена: 374$
Изпрати на приятел Добави в списъка с желания
Mounting 1.25" barrel nose piece
Chip 1/2.5" format, color CMOS Sensor
Camera Resolution 5MP - 9 different settings to choose from ranging from 640x480 to 2592x1944
Sensor Size 5.7mm x 4.28mm (7 mm diagonal)
Pixel Size 2.2 micron square
Sensitivity .53 V/ lux-sec (@550nm)
USB Connection High-Speed USB 2.0 cable
Frames per Second 6.23 to 52.37 at the lowest resolution, 0.71 to 5.99 at the highest resolution
Redundant w/Exposure Range 1/10000 to 30 seconds 


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