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Coin Operated Binoculars Coin Operated Binoculars

The viewing machines are commonly placed in tourist destinations and scenic lookouts for the purpose of viewing attractions and events of interest. They are also used in residential, business, recreational and government locations for the purposes of surveillance and safety monitoring.



Coin-operated binoculars 25x100

The High Power Stationary Binoculars are designed specially for outdoor installation and long distance viewing. As a result, they can be operated even in adverse weather conditions. An optical shutter system is built into the coin operated model of the series. The coin operated system is connected to this shutter system, in which the shutter will be released and hence the person can observe through the binoculars for a timed period when an acceptable coin is deposited into the coin chute. What’s more, the coin operated system is characterized by its low power consumption, electronic intelligence and long service life. The coin chute of the system can be customized to detect and accept different coins and the shutter cannot be released if an unacceptable coin is dropped into the chute. The unacceptable coin will then be ejected automatically.

Price: $5,550
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