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Advanced VX Mount

  • Holds a maximum instrument capacity of 30 lbs
  • Integer gear ratios and permanently programmable Periodic Error Correction eliminates recurring track errors from the worm gear.
  • New motors offer improved tracking performance & provide more power to overcome load imbalances
  • Updated industrial design offers more rigidity, less flexure and improved aesthetics
  • New design allows viewing or imaging across the meridian without interference from the motors housings
  • Improved latitude range.  Can be used between 7 – 77 degrees latitude.
  • Improved electronics with increased memory for future expansion
  • NexStar+ hand control offers multiple language programming (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish)
Price: $1,567

Autotrack (MF-3) go-to

Autotrack (MF-3) go-to single arm mount (dovetail version) on steel tripod with SynScan hand controller and dual axis drive, automatic object location

Maximum recommended OTA: D102/F500 Refractor,  D130/F650 Reflector, D127/F1500 Maksutov

maximum load up to 4 kg

Price: $410

Baader Steel Leveling Flange for GM 1000

  • Baader levelling flanges are used to adjust the unevenness of the foundation or the concrete pillar as well as other deviations of the substructure from the perfect north-south alignment. They adjust these imperfections as close as possible to the mount, very precisely and steady, without reducing the stability of the pillar
  • Suitable as a pillar adapter flange to the Baader conical steel pillar #2451220
  • Consisting of two solid Steel, separated by six steel bars
  • Top plate precision milled flat and threaded to fit the base plate.
  • Overall height: 106 mm
Price: $448


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CGX-L Equatorial Mount and Tripod

  • Increased 75 lb load capacity. Exceptional load capacity to weight ratio
  • Additional Aux accessory ports and autoguider port on the Dec axis for better cable management
  • Larger 144mm diameter worm wheels to better and more accurately drive heavier loads
  • Longer 270mm dovetail saddle to better support larger optical tubes
  • Massive 70mm stainless steel tripod legs with a wider stance for improved stability under heavy loads
  • Accessory tray holds three 1.25” and two 2” eyepieces with an upright stand for your smartphone or tablet
  • Heavy duty, 31.5mm stainless steel counterweight shaft to support additional counterweights
  • Spring-loaded brass worm wheel and stainless steel worm gear reduce friction and provide optimum gear mesh
  • Internal cabling for worry-free remote operation. Power input and lower accessory ports remain stationary while the mount slews to avoid snags
  • Includes Celestron's PWI telescope control software, co-developed by PlaneWave Instruments. Software features multi-point mount modeling for extremely precise pointing accuracy
  • Adjustable EQ head position to optimize center of gravity over the tripod and fully utilize the increased 3°-65° latitude range
  • Integrated handles for easy transport and portability
  • Ergonomically designed dovetail clamping knobs
Price: $5,655


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Flexible arm for EQ3/EQM35/Pronto, (18,5 cm)

Flexible arm for EQ3/EQM35/Pronto, (18,5 cm)

Price: $12

Omni CG-4 Mount Telescope

  • German Equatorial mount and tripod as supplied with all Omni XLT Series telescopes
  • Includes RA and DEC slow motion controls and setting circles
  • Tripod has adjustable height 1.75" steel leg tripod with center brace/accessory tray
  • Two counterweights - 7 lbs and 4 lbs
Price: $524
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SolarQuest Autotrack go-to

Product code: SolarQuest

SolarQuest Autotrack go-to single arm mount (Skywatcher HelioFind head, dovetail version with automatic Sun location function) on StarAdventurer tripod

More about the product

Introducing Skywatcher’s innovative technology of the revolutionary solar telescope:
Want to enjoy a fun family astronomy trip in the safety and comfort daylight?
Pointing the solar scope towards the sun at one go can be a hassle, trying to find the sun in the sky using the tiny blacked out view of a scope is like searching a needle in the hay, why not let the SolarQuest do it for you?

SolarQuest is user-friendly and provides safe experience while observing the sun. Using Skywatcher’s revolutionary technology “Heliofind”, it can be easily operated by anyone in the family, with just a push of a button, SolarQuest will start slewing in clockwise in the azimuth direction to search for the sun!
If the tripod is moved by accident, users can easily restart, and it will quickly find the sun.

This is great set for beginners to observe sunspots, eclipse, and  the transit of inner planets.

Package includes:

- HelioFind Solar Tracking Mount

- Tripod

Price: $439
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Star Adventurer 2i Pro Pack

Star Adventurer 2i Pro Pack (Mount with Wedge, DEC unit, polarscope illumination, counterweight, short ballhead adaptor)

Updated with the addition of a WiFi module that allows you to control the mount on your smartphone using their SynScan app, the Sky-Watcher USA Star Adventurer 2i Pro Pack gives you a complete rig for wide-field astrophotography with a DSLR or for astronomy with smaller optical tube assemblies (OTAs). The Pro Pack combines their tracking head with popular accessories, so you can start shooting or observing right out of the box. Accessories include an equatorial wedge for accurate long-duration single-axis tracking without field rotation, a counterweight kit to properly balance your loads, the declination bracket, and the ball head adapter. All you need is a tripod, camera, and/or OTA and you're ready to go out and enjoy the wonders of the universe.

First impressions :
- Modular construction , head and wedge separable
- Adjustable Friction Clutches in RA and DEC
- Powered by 4 x 1.5V AA batteries , or via USB
- ST4 autoguider interface (currently only in RA, we are working on an upgrade solution in DEC)
- Makes a stable impression that everything is firmly clamped and notice no resulting game
- More details from the images shown

Basic specifications:
- Weight: 1200g (only head with terminal) , 500g ( wedge ) , 500g ( dovetail with DEC Unit)
- Transport Size: 165 x 125 x 100 mm ( head only)
- Tripod Connections: Vixen dovetail plate and 1 /4 " thread
- Connections at top : 1/ 4 "camera thread ( on DEC - Unit) , 3/ 8" photo thread and M8 for counterweight bar (both at the prism rail) , Vixen dovetail plate ( right on the head)


Price: $551

Star Adventurer photo tripod

  • Star Adventurer photo tripod
Price: $77
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