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Small, lightweight, easy to carry and use anywhereDo not require a tripod, as with modesty increases enjoyed quite easily by hands.



Celestron Kids 5x16 Mini-Scope

  • Celestron Kids is bringing you real optics, and real fun! Enhance your child’s view with this mini-scope and create new adventures on the go. With a 16mm objective view and 5x magnification, this mini-scope is the perfect introduction to telescope viewing. Easily adjust the clarity of objects in view with the easy focus on the barrel. The Celestron Kids Mini-Scope comes with a wrist strap making it easy for kids, and parents, to tote around. The small size also allows for pocket carrying. Let your child explore the world as a Celestron Kid and watch the magic unfold. 

  • Fits in your pocket—can be carried anywhere

    Real working optics

    16mm objective and 5x magnification

    Includes wrist strap for portable carrying options

Price: $12
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DCB-8 Digital Camera 1.3 MP Monucular 8x21

Konus DCB-8 Digital Camera 1.3 MP Monucular 8x21 2047 is the better linkage between practicality and low weight. This Konus Digivue Digital Monocular-2047 uses a new digital technology that allows a resolution comparable in quality to 1.3 MegaPixel, even though the real pixel extention is not higher than 640x480. Both Konus Digicam and Konus Monocular are 8 magnification and you can get up to 12 high-resolution photos, or 23 low-resolution photos. The Digital Monocular Kit 2047 by Konusincludes: CD-ROM, tissue case with shoulder strap, USB computer connection cable, images downloading software and instructions for use in 8 languages: UK-USA, I, E, F, D, P, NL, GR.

Price: $95

Digital Monucular Green Scope 6х16 Rangefinder

A monocular for those who play golf, the Konus Green Scope has a special internal reticle allowing you to measure the distance between the observer and the flag.  Other useful functions include a clock, scorekeeper and an alarm for when a certain playtime is exceeded.  The best friend of every golf player! 

Price: $24

Monocular KONUSMALL 10x25

The Konusmall is a super compact monocular but it still provides a powerful 10x magnification and is packed in a beautiful 6 pcs. display box. It comes with case, strap and instructions in 10 languages.
Price: $18

Oceana 8x42 Monocular

  • Fully Multi-Coated for maximum resolution and high contrast views
  • Waterproof and Fogproof for protection in wet conditions
  • Rubber covered for protection
  • Compass built-in for direction location
  • Reticle built-in for determining distance
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Price: $149
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SpotingScope HANDY-18, 18x50

The Handy-18 spotting scope is the most compact and portable unit of our line thanks to its revolutionary foldable handle. You can therefore carry this model everywhere as an invaluable tool for hunting or nature observation, as well as you can use it with any photographic tripod such as our #1950.
Price: $35
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SpotingScope KONUSPOT-50, 15-40x50 zoom

The KONUSPOT-50 is a 15-40x50 with straight eyepiece. It is extremely attractive because of its fully-rubber armoured body and small tripod, but its best asset is definetively its price which is tough to beat.

Price: $58
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